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Map of Antiparos Island

Antiparos and Paros are divided by a narrow channel. The island is notable for its golden, sandy beaches and for its authentic natural beauty. The capital, Antiparos or Kastro, stands around the original nucleus of the medieval castle. Among the principal attractions of Antiparos is the famous cave of stalactites on Agios Ioanis hill.
There is a chapel to St John of the Cave (Agios Ioanis Spiliotis) at the mouth of the cavern. Antiparos has a number of beaches with golden sand and blue-green water. Every year, more and more visitors come to Antiparos, and as a result the hotels and limited number of rooms to rent have difficulty in meeting demand at peak periods. All around Antiparos are scores of tiny islands, like guards posted out at sea, inhabited only by wild rabbits and pigeons.
Antiparos - Cave.


Windsurfing and Sailing. You can rent surfboard on the island.

Night Life

There are a lot of bars, pubs and disc's.



By boat, during summer from Parikia every hour (duration:45') and from Pounta every 30' (duration:5').

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