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Paros Accommodation, hotels and apartmetns in Paros

Telephone code to Paros: +30 22840......

(Asteras area)

Hotel & Apartments 40 53444 52638
CHRISTINA Hotel 14 51017 53372
KALYPSO Hotel & Apartments 24 51488 51607
MANIS INN Studios & Rooms 50 51744 52654
MANOS HOTEL Hotel 28 51114 51741
RALLIS Studios & Rooms 17 51618 52009
TROUSSAS Rooms & Apartments 10 52655 52655
STELIA MARE Boutique Hotel & Apartments 15 28888 28888
SUNSET Studios & Apartments 12 51733 52060
SUNRISE Studios & Apartments 14 51060 51361
SVORONOS Bungalows 19 51211 52281

SPECIAL NOTE: If you don´t have a reservation be careful in the port, though!

The reason is what the locals call «kamakia» (fishing spears). These are persons that hang around the port at the times of ships, arrivals, trying to persuade newcomers that they can provide them with the perfect accommodation. These persons, picturesque as they may seem with their shouts of «rooms, rooms», a highly unrecompensed way to attract customers, may misunderstand your real needs and embark you on rather unpleasant adventures. So if you don't want to leave everything to chance and pay the price, in all senses of the word, for your decision, the best way to find accommodation is to seek advice at the information office of the Association Hotel Owners of Paros inside the port, they will offer every possible information and will help you choose, among the many options, the one that suits you. Also you can ask for information at one of the many travel agencies that are to be found in Parikia, Naoussa and other places. Through to our site, you will find all the useful information about the accommodation in Paros, you can choose and reserve a hotel room, it's the most easy and secure way.